Training Trust

The Non-Destructive Evaluation Joint Training Fund Trust was established to implement, maintain, and operate training opportunities and programs for employees and trainees in the field of non-destructive testing.

Presently with this fund, the QCCUS is able to reimburse members a portion of their training costs. The cost for NDT certifications is a huge imposition on the people working in this industry.

The vision looking forward is that the QCCUS will train the members to a QCCUS Certification Standard. The goal in the future is to have the members’ own their QCCUS Certification, and through a QCCUS Central Certification, allow these members portability between signatory contractors thereby reducing cost to the member and the NDT contractor.

To apply for tuition reimbursement, fill out the reimbursement form and fax to 913-281-8104 or mail to:

c/o Tuition Support Committee
12200 N Ambassador Dr, Suite 303
Kansas City, MO 64163

Productivity Fund

The Non-Destructive Testing and Productivity Fund is an industry wide labor management committee with the purpose to improve communications between representatives of labor and management.

To study and explore ways of eliminating potential problems which reduce the competitiveness and inhibit the economic development of the non-destructive testing industry; to engage in public relations and public education programs to promote the non-destructive testing industry.

To engage in research and development programs concerning various aspects of the non-destructive testing industry, including, but not limited to, new technologies in non-destructive testing and related activities, occupational safety and health and new methods of improved production.